Monday, May 24, 2010

Step 1. Admitting You Have a Problem

I have a problem. I get really obsessed with certain TV shows. Probably a bit unhealthily so. Missy can verify this. I'm not sure what step two is but I'm going to make it "Tell Everyone About Your Problem".
My first tv obsession was probably The OC. We all know this show went downhill after only a few seasons, but good grief it was awesome to start with!

I liked it best when "the fab four" were all together....

Anyway, they tried to kill off one of the main characters and that was a miserable failure, so I moved on. I was a bit behind when I fell in love with One Tree Hill, but I have since watched, and re-watched, perhaps even re-re-watched all the previous episodes.

Let's be serious...

and how could you not want to be best friends with P. Sawyer and B. Davis? Actually, I frequently pretend I AM one of them or Haley.

and yes, I watch the show even without Lucas and Peyton....and I still really like it!

My newest obsession is Grey's Anatomy. SO GOOD. I have not yet caught up to the current season, but I am working on it.

It's interesting doctor stuff that makes me wish I was smart enough to do that. It's often funny and cynical, which is crucial to relate to me. And then there are the Mc's. McSteamy. McDreamy. Good grief. Can you imagine marrying the man you once jokingly called McDreamy?? That would literally be a Dream come true.

I don't watch the next two shows "in order", I just watch endless reruns. I swear there must be a million episodes because I continue to stumble upon ones I haven't seen.
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit or simply SVU. So intriguing. And I'm confident that no one in New York City could attack me because I know way too much and can no longer be outsmarted.

Last but absolutely not least is The Golden Girls! Many of you may scoff at this, but I guarantee that if you watched it you would understand. It is absurdly hysterical and constantly makes me laugh. I mean really laugh. Like belly laugh.

If you've never seen it, please try the link below.
Click to Laugh...

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